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Service Agreement Field Manual

The definitive reference guide on how to better understand and negotiate inbound creative service agreements for freelancers, studios, and agencies. It’s your guide to better contracts.

Read a Little. Learn a Lot.

The Field Manual is a practical guidebook to writing and negotiating better service agreements. In it, you’ll find answers to questions such as:

  • What key clause gives me the best leverage for securing payment for my work?
  • How can I start a negotiation from the best position?
  • What are the best ways to manage scope creep?
  • How to do better than Net 30 terms?
  • What contract terms best protect me if a Client doesn’t pay or goes dark?
  • What protections do I need when using Client content and materials?
  • How can I minimize the risk of infringement liability?
  • What is indemnification and what terms can I safely accept?
  • And much more…

Sounds great, but…

Wondering if the Field Manual is right for you? Grab a free excerpt and have a look yourself. There you’ll find the full table of contents, an excerpt from the introduction, a primer on negotiation, and a breakdown of typical limitation of liability clauses. Or maybe you have other questions?

What about Updates?

You get them all. The Field Manual will be periodically updated with additional tips, recommendations, and sample language. Whenever an update is released, you’ll receive a link for a free, fresh download.

Shouldn’t I have a lawyer?

Of course. A book isn’t a substitute for a lawyer, but it can help you navigate certain negotiations without a lawyer. Better yet, it’ll make you smarter so you can use your lawyer more effectively.

Is it just for freelancers?

Nope. The Field Manual has pricing for both solos and teams. Whether you need the book just for yourself or access for your entire agency, you’ll be covered.

Solo or Team Licensing

  • Nearly 22,000 words
  • More than 65 sample clauses
  • Over 30 provisions analyzed
  • Free lifetime updates
  • Single license for one user
  • Team license for company teams
Single License — $39
Team License — $99
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