Find out if your agency’s MSA and SOW measure up with a Matchstick contract analysis and Report Card.

Matchstick Retained Fee Estimator

Create a custom fee estimate by selecting the services you are interested and indicating when over the next year you want to get them done.

Note: This is just a fee estimator. Using this tool does not make Matchstick your attorney. To become a Matchstick client, contact us about signing an engagement letter based on your custom retainer. 


These services are included in every subscription for a base fee of $149 / month.

Priority availability.

Need things handled promptly? Subscribers enjoy priority service over non-subscription clients. 

Response time of one business day or less.

Your attorney will respond to calls or emails within one business-day (often less). This is time to acknowledge your issue and establish a work plan for resolution.

No-charge “quick questions” via email.

Got a "quick question"? No-charge to subscribers questions that can be responded to in 5-10 minutes (minimum billing increment for non-subscription clients is 1/4 of an hour).

Discounted hourly rates.

Hourly work for subscription clients is charged at $400 per hour (vs $450 per hour for non-subscription clients). 

Add fixed-fee Projects to your subscription at any time.

Ready to tackle something new for your agency? Add a fixed-fee Project to your subscription at any time.

No-charge Project kick-off calls.

Once you've added a new Project to your subscription, calls and emails to determine scope and work plan are at no charge.

Three-month payment terms for Projects.

Fees for any Projects added to your subscription will be spread over a three-month period rather than due all at once.

Annual meeting with your attorney.

Use this time to discuss goals,
 challenges, upcoming projects, or the agenda of your choosing. Schedule meetings at your convenience. You can add additional Periodic Meetings as part of your Monitor Services.

No-charge review of inbound NDAs.

NDAs can contain provisions that are inconsistent with your client or vendor relationship. Subscribers receive review and advice on inbound NDAs at no charge (any needed markup or negotiation handled hourly).


Monitor Services take care of the paperwork and let you be proactive.

Contract Monitor Recommended

Contract Monitor is an annual review and update of all of your Matchstick drafted agreements to ensure they reflect our most up to date recommendations and the latest in your business.

$100 per month.

Corporate Monitor Recommended

Corporate Monitor serves as your registered agent, handles filing of your annual reports, payment of filing fees, and more in each state where you are registered.

$400/yr for home state, $250/yr for each additional state (state filing fees extra).

Periodic Meetings

Periodic Meetings create proactive time to strategize about new problems, review recent business results, tackle a difficult client issue, identify upcoming Projects, or discuss items on your agenda. One meeting is included in your Core Services.

$25 per month, per additional annual meeting. 

Trademark Monitor

Trademark Monitor keeps tabs on the USPTO database for potential marks in conflict with your own so you can promptly respond to ensure your mark is protected.

$50 per month, per mark monitored.


Add fixed-fee and scope projects to your subscription now, or at any time, and finance the cost over three months.

Client Documents

Make sure your client-facing documents are the best they can be. Supplement your agreements with Playbooks on negotiation and managing scope creep.

Master Services Agreement and Statement of Work


Discovery Letter


Client NDA


MSA Negotiation Playbook


Managing Scope Creep Playbook


Team Agreements

Start with the best documents to create the best team. 

Employee Offer Letter Agreement


Employee Bonus Plan


Phantom Stock Plan


Employee NDA + PRA


Severance and Release Letter


Independent Contractor Agreement


Contractor NDA


Corporate Documents

Make sure your corporate house is in order with these key corporate documents.

New LLC Formation


New Corporation Formation


Affiliate / Referral Agreement


Owner Agreement for LLC or Corporation


Trademark Registration



Most folks don’t need these, but you aren’t most folks, are you?

Fractional General Counsel

Want to outsource all your contract negotiation? Engage Matchstick as fractional general counsel to handle all services agreement negotiation, whether on your paper or inbound paper. Price depends on number and size of contracts your agency signs per year.

Fees estimated at $2,000 to $3,000 per month.

Bulk Hours

Need to get things done that aren't tied to specific projects? Add hours in bulk to your subscription at an additional discount for use over a 12-month period.

Additional discounts begin with purchases of more than 25 hours per year (approx $750 per month).

Your Estimate

Based on your selections, your subscription estimate is below. Save your estimate using the email form at the bottom and check the box to have someone from Matchstick follow up with you to answer questions.

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      • Core $TK
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      • Projects $TK
      • Core $TK
      • Monitor $TK
      • Projects $TK

    Annual Charges

    For engagements that start mid-year, annual charges will be pro-rated for the remainder of the year and the full amount will be charged annually.