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Counsel, Education, and Advocacy

Advice and advocacy from inception to exit. 

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Whether you’re looking for help creating the framework for a new business, drafting and negotiating employee and client contracts, preparing online terms and policies, registering trademarks, selling your business, or partnership issues, Matchstick can help.

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One of the founding principles of Matchstick is education, both of client and by client. We want our clients to understand the decisions and documents they are being presented, and we want to understand our clients’ businesses and what is important to them. Without these understandings, legal services are simply less efficient and effective.

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When necessary or appropriate, Matchstick lawyers can be your zealous advocate. Your business may encounter a client that refuses to pay, a difficult employee, or a tricky situation involving competitive restrictions. We’re here to help you navigate those tough situations, and implement a strategy to keep your focus where it should be – on your business. 

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Frequently asked questions

Whether you’ve previously worked with an attorney or not, you probably have some questions. We decided to answer a few of those questions right here.

What are your fees?

Fees are set based on the needs of the situation. Most commonly, this means fixed fee, hourly, or subscription.

  • Fixed fees are set based on the scope and assumptions behind the project. For example, a typical fee for drafting a new form of services agreement and statement of work is between $2,000 to $4,000.
  • Hourly rates are used for projects with a dynamic scope or where another billing model isn’t appropriate. Rates range from $300-$400 per hour.
  • Subscriptions are custom designed for the situation. For maintaining your corporate registrations and standard form contracts, we offer our Monitor service. Larger agencies with significant deal-flow can engage Matchstick for business affairs or full-service contract negotiation services.

Does working with a lawyer slow down our process?

Sometimes it can. That said, we recognize that the creative industry moves quickly. And we have built our practice with that in mind. More times than not, we’ll be ready to move a transaction forward and you’ll be waiting on the other side’s legal or procurement team. We’ll also help you identify and navigate artificial deadlines that the other side sometimes tries to impose.

Do lawyers always tell you that you can’t do something you want to do?

Not good lawyers. Good lawyers explain to try to ensure you understand the potential risks associated with doing what you want to do, and let you make the decision.

My company does [something other than web/​software design/​dev]. Will you work with us?

Generally speaking, yes. We choose our clients based on whether we like them (after initial discussions) and think we can help. If we don’t think we can help, we’ll be honest with you about that. If we don’t like you, we probably won’t tell you that.

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