Want to be proactive instead of reactive?

Corporate Monitor maintains your corporate registrations with the secretary of state while Contract Monitor keeps your standard for agreements up to date.

Corporate Monitor

Corporate Monitor is your easy answer for maintaining your corporate registrations. It takes care of annual reports, pays your filing fees, handles your paperwork, and keeps your state filings up to date.

What’s included? Your one-year Corporate Monitor subscription includes:

  • Service as registered agent and acceptance of service of process nationwide.
  • Secure, always-on access to a private online workroom containing all your corporate documents, notices, and information.
  • Preparation and filing of annual reports or information statements (filing fees included).
  • Preparation and filing of no fee” information updates (e.g., address changes).
  • Preparation of annual corporate minutes.
  • Identification of fraudulent corporate business solicitations.
  • Answering all those quick questions” about your corporate status.
  • Annual status check-in with your lawyer.

Corporate Monitor is like a checkup at your doctor. The checkup is the Monitor service. If the checkup identifies an ailment” that needs attention (a new contract, legal research, drafting new policies, negotiation of a transaction, amendment of articles, etc.), those projects will be quoted under a separate fee.

Contract Monitor

Contract Monitor keeps your contracts up to date. We’ll answer your quick questions, guide you through negotiations, and update your contract annually for changes in the law or your business.

What’s included? Your one-year Contract Monitor subscription includes:

  • Answers to all your quick questions” about how the provisions in your contract work.
  • Secure, always-on access to a private online workroom containing the master form of agreements Matchstick has built for you.
  • Annual update of your contract for changes in the law and industry trends.
  • Annual update of your contract to address changes in your business, services, and deliverables.
  • Annual update of your contract to incorporate Matchstick’s latest best practices” in contract drafting.

Contract Monitor is ideal for those businesses that want to easily keep their contract up to date with the latest recommendations and for businesses that handle lots of their own contract negotiations but occasionally need some support. Contract Monitor service is not for full service negotiations or for responding to comprehensive markups from opposing counsel. Full negotiation support is available through custom retainer agreements or on an hourly basis.