One challenge we face at Matchstick is how to meet the needs of all creative businesses. While Matchstick represents firms of all sizes, not everyone that contacts us is in a place to commit to a full engagement.

To help address that, today we are launching Emessay to better meet the needs of smaller creative shops that aren’t ready to hire a lawyer or want to do things on their own. If that’s you, or if you know someone this might help, read on to learn more about Emessay.

A yellow background with black text that says "Emessay: Better contracts for your creative business. No legalese. Continuously Updated. Customizable. Built by Expoerts."

What is Emessay?

Emessay is a collection of legalese-free, customizable contracts built by lawyers with deep industry expertise for use in your creative businesses. More than static forms, Emessay contracts are generated based on the choices you make and how your creative business operates. As your business changes, regenerate your Emessay contracts to make sure they change with you. Plus, Emessay contracts are periodically updated to reflect changes in the law, additional options, feedback from users, and updates to recommended language so you can keep your contracts on the cutting edge.

Who is Emessay for?

Emessay is designed for smaller creative shops that aren’t ready to engage with a lawyer or who would prefer to DIY. The Emessay contracts are built around a work for hire” model meaning that ownership of work is transferred to the client at the end of the project (i.e., not a license). Specifically, Emessay works for creative shops that produce:

  • design (print and digital)
  • logos, wordmarks, brand systems
  • web development
  • illustration
  • strategy and consulting

We’ll be adding options for video production and digital marketing type businesses in the future. Want to be sure that Emessay works with your type of deliverables? Get in touch.

What is Included in Emessay?

Emessay starts with the four key contracts behind every creative business:

  • client services agreement + statement of work
  • nondisclosure agreement
  • independent contractor agreement
  • discovery letter

Over time, we’ll add more contracts and more drafting options, all part of your subscription. Use a contract generator as many times as you want.

Ready to get started? Head over to Emessay and use code LAUNCH before February 18, 2022 for 20% of your first year annual subscription (monthly subscriptions also available).

Get more info at Emessay and at our FAQ.