Paperwork. It’s something every agency has to deal with. And as remote work has grown, that paperwork has grown as well. One important piece of that paperwork puzzle are the corporate filings to keep your LLC or corporation in compliance in each state where your agency does business. So let’s talk about what those requirements are and how we can help you stay on top of them.

What Does the Law Require?

The law requires that your agency file an annual report and pay fees both in the state where your business was formed (we call this your Home State”) and in every state where you have employees or do business (your Remote States”). These filings are typically made with the Secretary of State in each of these states (not the same as getting set up to pay taxes for your remote employees). These filings keep your LLC or corporation active on the records of the state and ensure that you are permitted to conduct business (have employees) in the state. If this paperwork isn’t timely filed, your agency can become inactive, incur additional fees, or in severe cases, be administratively dissolved.

The law also requires that you have a registered agent in each of these states. The registered agent is a person or business with a physical address located in each state where you can receive service of process if your agency is ever sued and other important mail (snail mail!). Most people opt to use a professional registered agent to ensure that any important paperwork or lawsuits your business receives are promptly handled. You don’t want that paperwork going to the bottom of the pile.

How Can Matchstick Help with these Requirements?

Corporate Monitor is our service for keeping all your state corporate filings up to date and off your plate (and on ours). We prepare and file your registrations with the required states, file annual reports, pay filing fees, handle important mail, and serve as your registered agent in any state where you have employees. We track all your filing requirements and make sure nothing is missed. 

In addition to handling your corporate filings and serving as your registered agents, Monitor provides other benefits as well:

  • Answers to your quick questions” about your corporate status or filings at no charge 🙋‍♂️ 
  • Once per year meeting with Matchstick to review and update your filings 📆
  • Preparation of corporate annual minutes for corporations ⏱️ 
  • Filing of no fee” information updates (e.g., address changes) ✅
  • Identification of bogus corporate mailings (typically solicitations from filing agents) 📫 
  • Routing of important mail we receive on your behalf (legal service or other notices) ⚖️
  • Maintaining an online 24/7/365 accessible workroom of all your corporate documents 🖥️ 
  • A dedicated Corporate Monitor representative to answer your questions 🗡️

How Much is Corporate Monitor?

Monitor costs $450 per year for your Home State to maintain your home state and $250 per year for each Remote State where you have employees (state filing fees are in addition). We charge you for our fees when you start your Monitor subscription (pro-rated by half if starting after July 1). Your Monitor subscription automatically renews each calendar year and is billed in November or December for the coming year. State filing fees are charged when incurred. You are required to have a card on file with us so these amounts can be automatically charged.

How Do I Get Onboarded with Corporate Monitor?

Once you’ve decided that Monitor is for you, you’ll schedule a meeting with our Client Services Director, Andi Barrios. She’ll gather all the information needed to get you squared away.