Your agency deserves to collect every dollar it earns. With so many potential areas for missteps, we published this eBook to share our recommendations for best practices, common mistakes and issues you might encounter when drafting your contracts.

In this guide you will learn: 

  • The distinctions and overlap between SOWs and MSAs and how each addresses payment matters consistently.

  • How to determine the pros and cons of different fee structures (retainer, project base, time and materials).

  • How to ensure invoices are accurate and avoid compliance issues.

  • To define clear payment terms including billing triggers, acceptance of work clauses, and dispute resolution.

  • The importance of determining which party is responsible for taxes.

Being crystal clear about money is paramount in your contracts. It’s the one area your clients are likely to read the most carefully.

You can’t afford to make any unforced errors, and this book is aimed at helping you avoid them.