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The Matchstick Journal

Meet the Team: Gabe Levine

Prior to forming Matchstick with Josh, Gabe ran his own firm, Groundwork Legal, also focused on representation of the creators of digital products. Befor...

Meet the Team: Josh Barrett

Prior to forming Matchstick, Josh advised creative agencies, studios, and freelancers through his own firm CreateLegal. Client-focused and detail-oriente...

Meet the Team: Jennifer Becker

Prior to joining Matchstick, Jen worked at CreateLegal advising creative professionals from all disciplines. For over a decade Jen has helped her clients g...

All That Annual Corporate Crap

Even though this minutiae can be annoying, it’s worth it to put systems in place to stay on top of it. Whether your company is a corporation or a LLC, you’ve got some annoying annual obligations.

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